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Welcome to the virtual home of the League of Light Star Wars: The Old Republic guild. The guild is newly formed for Star Wars but run by experienced gamers and long-time friends Styphon, Redassasin and Bumfluff (with various other in game names).

We have experience running guilds/clans/corps (whatever you want to call them) in World of Warcraft, EVE Online, the BattleField series, Call of Duty series and Counter-Strike series, but to name a few. We've been running things together in one form or another since 2004.

The League of Light is a casual guild aimed at mature gamers aged 18 or over. We are social and request every member use our TeamSpeak server and check the forums regularly. We are organised and structured, with both PVP and PVE catered for.

Our current aims are to get everyone in the guild a level 50 character, expand the guild to 150 members and start creating and filling out command positions.

Happy New Year Jan 5th ´12

I hope everyone had a good time and is now fully recovered. As you can see we now have the website live, although just this page. I hope to get more running in the near future. But for that I need stuff to put up here, and I want this to be as much your space as it is the guilds. Tell me what you would like here on the forum, write guides for different flashpoints, tips for PVP, that sort of thing.

The guild has been very quiet over the holidays but now is the time to get back online and join us on TeamSpeak (just click on the League of Light Server to the right). We've already got our first members to hit level 50 (congradulations to Cronus, Propalol and Shisou) with several others not far behind. Expect regular Flashpoints and Operations to begin soon. Keep checking the forums for more information.

We discovered last night that you can only queue up for PVP in groups of four. An annoying "feature", but one we will have to live with for the time being. Because of this we won't be organising anything official yet, but you can find people willing to take part in PVP most nights on TeamSpeak. Just hop on and ask if anyone is interested.

We're expecting the guild to grow again now that the holidays are over. And with more people hitting 50 that means the council is going to start to put a structure in place for the guild. This means we need people to fill those places, and we'll be looking to the most active members to fill those posts. Make sure you've signed up on the forum and are using TeamSpeak regularly if you wish to progress in the guild.

LoL TeamSpeak 3 Server


Styphon get back on BF3
Gratz on 50!
woot lvl 50 nows just need to get the nice gear
Servers are back up :). Took them bloody long enough.
For once im glad i work on saturdays lol
Oh what is this nice box here? **AHA** that's what it does :D
Conspiracy against you tony
Damn servers are down! Why is it always during out time?
woot a shout box
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